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The common saying that you should let your skills work for you is nothing but a delusion if you lack a definite plan to help you achieve your goals. In a world where people are judged based on their social status and money, profitable opportunities can be scarce. But thanks to Microsoft, ExamTopics MS-100 Tests. we can still afford to be ambitious, knowing there’s a reputable vendor who’s committed to giving excellent training and certifications to help individuals make a positive impact in any field.

Microsoft AZ-104 Exam

Do you have what it takes to succeed in Azure Administration? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Still, there are many possible reasons you should be motivated to keep work towards your dreams, and monetary reward is just one of them. In this post, we will show you how to choose the right Microsoft Azure credential, why you should prioritize AZ-104 exam, and what it entails. But first, let’s find out how you can choose the best path for you.

Picking the Right Microsoft Azure Certification

Here are the steps to guide you whenchoosing a Microsoft Azure badge to help advance your skills:

  • Identify the knowledge area you want to focus on. Is it Azure Administration? Azure Data and AI? social status and money Or Azure Applications and Infrastructure?
  • Understand whether you want to get started with the basic training or you are ready to jump straightto intermediate or advanced-level jobs. If you lack an IT background, enrolling in the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals training and AZ-900 exam certainly won’t dent your long-term career aspirations.
  • Choose the role you want to accomplish with the Azure training. Depending on your professional objectives, many possible reasons you can readily align your skills with the preferred learning path.

Let’s have a more detailed overview of a probable track on the example of the position of an Azure Administrator.

Microsoft Azure Administrator: Main Duties

The role of Microsoft Azure Administrators involves monitoring, implementing, and maintaining Microsoft Azure Solutions and the key services that ensure business continuity. These include networking, get started with the basic training storage, compute, and security. Azure Administrators must have the skills to backup data, protect information from illegal access, and configure archival storage. According to PayScale salary data, an average Azure Administrator can expect up to $87k per year.

About the New Microsoft AZ-104 Exam

If you decide to pursue the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate, you should sit for AZ-104 exam that is the new version of test AZ-103. It confirms if a candidate is ready to assume responsibility as an Azure Administrator including the ability to manage, monitor, and implement identity in cloud key services environments.

Upon its release in September 2020, this assessmentcarries a total of 40-60 questions that must be completed within a timeframe of 3 hours. You can schedule it at Pearson VUE remembering to pay a fee of $165 and then you can start your preparation! Make use of books, videos, and practice tests for self-study, start your preparation follow some free official courses or even enroll in an instructor-led training provided by Microsoft.

The Bottom Line

Having a recognized badge like Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate in your resume will have a hugely important role to play in achieving your career goals. It highlights what you are good at and why the employers should trust you with more responsibilities. So, update your skills today by passing AZ-104 examand get all the nicest things you may have wanted in life.

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